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What is a Parisian Style Roof & Why Do We Love Fitting Them?

Paris is one of our favourite cities in the world! We love the culture and style, from the cafes and art in the day right through to the exciting nightlife…

However, for us the best thing has to be the fantastic examples of classic architecture right across the city! For a capital, Paris is one of the flattest in Europe given there are strict restrictions on building weights due to old, threadbare mineshafts present in many central busy locations.

That’s why there are only 17 skyscrapers across the entire city which has resulted in many of the historic buildings surviving replacement with more modern developments, leaving some great examples of restoration work – including the classic Parisian or Mansard Roof style.

The style was made popular in France by architect François Mansart (1598–1666) and was frequently used in properties in the city, right through to palatial mansion houses in the countryside. The first use was part of The Louvre Museum in the early 1500s. The style was then also made more popular through use in the first classic New York City skyscrapers too.

What is a Parisian Roof made of?

Historically a Parisian Roof was made of lead which is of course a hazardous and dangerous material no longer used! At around the start of the 1800s zinc became the material of choice for Parisian Roof installers working in the city, given that it is a much safer metal.

However, zinc is also an expensive material to use on modern building projects. As fibreglass GRP products have been developed, they have become the go to material of choice for many domestic roofing projects. This is particularly true when developers are looking to replicate the style and finish of a classic Parisian Roof – using a lead roll roof effect product, colour matched to look like metal.


Large conservatory roof with several sections


Why is a Fibreglass Roof better than Zinc or other metals?

 This is a question which we’re asked a lot and can be split down into three main areas. Firstly, the initial project costs are usually lower when using a professional GRP Fibreglass roof fitter, given that the roofing materials usually cost less. Dependent on access it is also usually a quicker process to fit your new roof too.

Glass Reinforced Plastic or GRP Fibreglass is also an energy efficient product, providing a good level of insulation in your roof space – especially when compared to zinc or metal roofs which reflect heat! So in the wet and windy UK climate this acts as a massive benefit given the longer term costs this can save too…not to mention the environment advantages of using less energy in your home.

Finally, fibreglass is also a much more flexible material given that it doesn’t come in a ‘roll’ like with more traditional metal roof products. This eliminates waste, particularly for smaller projects or if your roof is a non-standard shape.

Why should I choose a Fibreglass Parisian Style Roof?

 There’s a wide range of reasons to choose both GRP fibreglass and a Parisian Style Lead Roll Effect product for your roof. Not only does the style look great and really make your property stand out from others, there’s also some functional benefits to the material and structure too:

  • Suitable for new build projects and refurbishments
  • Available in a range of colours
  • Capable of withstanding regular foot traffic
  • Lead and copper replica finishes available
  • Cold applied to a new plywood deck
  • Warm and cold roof specifications
  • Impact and vandal resistant

Can I get a Parisian Style Roof on my property?

Absolutely! We have over 20 year’s experience in fitting Parisian Style, Lead Roll Effect Roofing to an extremely high standard. In most cases, it’s a perfect fit for your project too!

There are just a few considerations we need to take into account, such as neighbouring properties and your existing roof structure. We have a quick and easy process to assess your project and commence work.

Step One – Site Visit & No Obligation Quote

For all our projects we offer a no obligation quote to ensure we fully understand the work needed and you have a clear breakdown of the associated fees. This also includes a site visit to your property so we can see all this first hand too, meaning that there are no hidden surprises for either party.

Step Two – Quotation Review & Book In Your Work

Once you’ve had time to digest this information, we’ll then get in touch to answer all your questions and give you the confidence to commence your project. From here we book in your work and we always endeavour to try and get started within a couple of weeks where possible.

Step Three – Commence Your Project

We’ll then arrive on site promptly on your arranged commencement date. Our professional team work quickly, cleanly and are on hand to effectively answer any further questions direct as well. They may also require the odd brew, although this is not a compulsory part of your project! All of our work has a 20 year guarantee, so you can be assured of the quality of your finished project.

So if you’d like to find out more about our Lead Roll Effect roofing services and how we can help you create your dream Parisian Style roof, then please get in touch today or fill out our quotation form.

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