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Top Tips on Preventing Metal Roof Theft

In recent years there has been a surge in the price of scrap metals, with values increasing several times over. Schools, churches, offices and public buildings have often been amongst the main targets for thieves who are stealing anything from manhole covers to copper piping, lead roofing to drainpipes and lead windows to flashing.

Not only is this a huge inconvenience for the targeted property’s owners, it can also be very expensive to replace. Many proprietors don’t even realise their flashing have been stolen until a rainy day comes along and water enters their property – potentially causing hundreds or thousands of pounds’ worth of flood damage.

If roofing materials are stolen and it starts to rain then electrical systems inside the premises can be damaged by flooding, which has meant that many schools across the UK couldn’t reopen until the problem is fixed. There have been several cases where classrooms have been flooded, causing school equipment to be damaged and children’s work has been ruined.

How can these crimes be prevented?

Thankfully we’ve got some tips to help you avoid lead flashing theft.

The cheapest and easiest method is to remove all means of access to the roof. Thieves often lift themselves onto the targeted roof via a bin or gate that is near the lower roof surface. Attempt to store the bins in a storage space away from the roof. If the property has any nearby trees, ensure the branches cannot be used to scale onto the roof.

An additional method used to overcome this ever-growing wave of criminal activity is a new forensic ‘grease’ called SelectaDNA Grease. SelectaDNA Grease has been specially developed to be painted onto any zinc metal, copper piping or lead roofing.

Once a thief handles the metal, the grease transfers onto their hands and clothing and the criminal is then unquestionably linked to the crime scene. This unusual grease is almost impossible to remove, and contains both a UV tracer and a unique DNA code.
So if a suspect is stopped for metal theft, the police can forensically analyse the perpetrator and the stolen material and link the suspect to the crime scene.

Throughout the UK, Police are currently using the product in a bid to reduce and deter lead flashing theft. Painting the lead with the grease suddenly makes previously desirable property something that nobody wants to go near.

Another great way to deter the thieves is to replace your metal roof with replicated effect materials.
At Canova, we can provide the perfect solution with our lead roll roof effect.

Our cold liquid applied system can replicate the look of metal sheeted roofing at a fraction of the weight and cost of real metal.
There is no scrap value in our lead roll roof effect and so they are not prone to vandalism or theft. It is also attractive, tough and maintenance free so a lead roll roof effect can be used on all forms of internal guttering and flat or pitched roofs.

A lead roll roof effect is not just an attractive addition to your home, it is also great protection. This system is tough and durable and has no joins or seams which could allow water to penetrate and cause damage.

These roofs also require minimal maintenance and are backed by our comprehensive 20 year guarantee.
You can relax and enjoy your home safe in the knowledge that it is protected for many years to come, from both the elements and potential criminals.


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