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The Advantages of Flat Roofing

So you’re considering a GRP flat roof for your new or renovated property but you’re unsure if this is the right option for you? At Canova, we can tell you everything you need to know about flat roofing and its many advantages if you’re thinking of adding this feature to your property.

Flat roofs are back and highly-favoured with cutting edge designers and architects.

Is a GRP flat roof right for my project?

Firstly, calling it a ‘flat roof’ is a misconception as flat roofs have a slight pitch of a few degrees in order to enable rainwater to drain away. Whether your building is domestic or commercial, the roof structure is an integral part of its design, with the aesthetic look of your roof dependent on the type and style of the property, your budget and relevant planning and building regulations.

One of the most obvious advantages is that flat roofs are easier to climb up on and inspect. Although any excursion to the roof should be dealt with using care and caution, flat roofs offer significantly more stability and horizontal surface than sloped roofs do.

Flat roofing is both economic and efficient, which saves the owner energy and money, they’re considered to be one of the most energy-efficient options, according to Energy Star. Its construction involves considerably less labour and materials than its pitched roof counterpart and full replacement can often take just a day.

Your property’s roof is an elevation that is often ignored, so a flat roof can allow you to reclaim usable space that has been lost to the footprint of your home. Flat roofs are very common now because it opens up the roof to be used as a deck, balcony, or garden. The GRP Fibreglass roofing systems offered by Canova can be made non-slip for outdoor areas like this. It is definitely something worthwhile but always needs to be consulted with a roofing engineer and the designer to accommodate for drainage.

The flat and symmetric surface of the flat roof offer less resistance to the wind when compared to angled roofing systems. Wind resistance matters when it comes to high winds and storms that have the potential to damage or remove the shingles and tiles that are placed on the angled roof structure.

A GRP Flat Roof can add space…

Have you ever been in a home where the upstairs rooms have walls with extreme angles? Having a flat roof eliminates this issue and can allow for more interior space. Walls with pitched roofs, especially those with extreme pitches, can eliminate the amount of liveable space. Additionally, flat roofs can allow for entertaining space with a quirky rooftop deck or patio.
Replacing a flat roof like-for-like does not normally require planning permission, but re-pitching it usually will. If planning permission is an issue, a lower pitched roof may be easier to get past the planners while still offering the benefits of a pitched roof.

When it comes to finding the best value in a roof, durability and long-term costs will always be an important factor and many who opt for a flat roof can become concerned with the roof’s resilience. One of the biggest strengths when choosing a GRP Fibreglass flat roof from Canova is the fact that these roofs are so robust.

Will my flat roof leak?

Previously flat roofs were constructed with poor materials such as mineral felt with a limestone chipping cover, but there was a tendency for these roofs to blister in hot weather, attract damaging moss and algae and crack with temperature changes. This isn’t the case with Canova.

The advantage with our GRP flat roofs is that there are no seams, joints or welds to provide opportunities for water to get in and for components to be damaged or weakened. Once the strong fibreglass layer is laid, a durable topcoat is rolled over the top creating a fully sealed surface. Installed correctly, water does not have the opportunity to penetrate as there are no weak points or potential failure points on the roof. Fibreglass roofs also require little or no maintenance, they are hard-wearing, durable and long-lasting. These roofs are constructed to the highest standard and quality and offer peace of mind to home owners that cannot be matched by other products. We confidently offer a 20yr guarantee with our roofing systems

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