Skylights & Roof Lanterns for Fibeglass Roofs

Skylights & Roof Lanterns – Bringing the indoors, outdoors

Canova’s skylights & lanterns are the perfect solution for a new build traditional Orangery extension or can be inserted into an existing fibreglass flat roof to help give you the feeling of natural light and space – whether your new living space is for a dining room, kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathrooms and even loft conversions. The strong ridge reduces the need for multiple bars to maximise the amount of glass that will allow light to flood into your room.

A professionally fitted skylight or roof lantern fits perfectly into your wider roofing project. Canova’s skylights & lanterns will enhance any home – traditional or modern alike. Available in stock sizes and bespoke sizes for individual projects, our roof lights are perfect for those looking to create clean, elegant lines in your property that adds value and enhances day to day life.

Thermally efficient roof lanterns & skylights for GRP Fibreglass flat roofs & conservatories

In addition to looking beautiful a skylight can also add environmental benefits to your room through their thermal efficiency, when compared to more traditional widows and non insulated roofs. There are also a range of energy efficient, double glazed and triple glazed glass options we can include on our projects, depending on the size and location of your roof light. For example, a south facing skylight can provide more warmth/heat given its location in relation to the sun.

Modern roof lanterns are also made from lightweight and durable materials, which not only means they can now be fitted in more locations, but also they require less maintenance whilst still lasting longer than older products.

How much does a skylight or roof lantern cost?

The overall costs of your project as a few different elements that we need to understand in order to break this down fully. We off free quotes and site visits to all customers. This allows us to assess the following and give you a fair and transparent price for the work in question, this includes:

The size of your roof light – The overall area of the light within your roof will directly impact the overall costs, given it will include more glass.

Materials used – We only use high standard products and materials for all of our roofing projects. This is because it has a direct impact on your overall finish, but also importantly how long your roof window then last for, as part of your roofing system.

Installation process – Choosing the best skylight installers is also essentially important! With a range of products available, with varying results, you need to make sure you work with a contractor who understands whats available on the market and also has the skills and experience to fit them properly too!

How do I find the right roof lantern installers?

Installing a roof light in either a new GRP fibreglass project or an existing roof is a home improvement investment which needs to be considered carefully, particularly given the wide range of suppliers & roof lantern/skylight fitters in the market.

There are many online review systems out there which are a great tool in assessing the credibility of your skylight/roof lantern fitters. Ranging from Facebook & Google reviews right through to specialist directories for trades people. Referrals and happy customers are an essential measure of your roofing companies abilities so be sure to do your due diligence too!

At Canova, value is more than price, value is also shown in the quality of our roof installations and the expert, highly professional service we continue to offer our customers.


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