Orangery & conservatory roof replacement

Why replace your conservatory roof with Fibreglass?

Our conservatory roofs or orangery roofs can be beautiful home improvement, giving you extra living space without the need to move or build a more costly extension. While many people now have a conservatory or orangery there are a lot of people who struggle to use the space effectively all year round.

Due to the nature of their construction these spaces can suffer from extremes of temperature, leaving them too cold to use in the winter and too uncomfortably hot to use in the summer months.

Another drawback of these spaces can be the noise created when it rains, it really can become quite prohibitively loud. Glass orangery and conservatory roofs can be the source of these problems as they allow the rooms to heat up in the sun and lose heat when it’s cold. They can become very dirty and need regular maintenance to ensure that your home is kept looking attractive.

How much does a Conservatory Roof Replacement cost?

If you’ve identified an issue with your roof though the above areas, they your next question is likely going to be ‘how much is this going to cost me?’. A fair question and one which has a wide range or potential answers based on the damage and the next steps you want to take.

Roofing repairs can start from as little as £150/£200 pounds for minor problems, however if this is the start of a persistent problem then these small costs can soon add up! So, it may be worth asking if a longer term roof replacement is the best option to fix any leaking roof issues once and for all.

For roof replacement work, we offer all customers a free site visit and associated detailed quotation so you can understand all of the details around the work you require. Our professional team can then usually start within the next few weeks top, depending on the size of your project.

As a really rough guide though this can be anything from £70 – £200+ per square metre depending on specification.

Conservatory Roof Repairs & Replacement - Why GRP Fibreglass?

A new GRP Fibreglass roof system can transform your existing conservatory or orangery roof replacement into a beautiful, usable space all year round. Our conservatory roof replacements are designed to look and function like a permanent part of your home.

Every new installation is fully insulated with foil backed conservatory roof insulation boards with a plaster skimmed ceiling completing the stunning interior finish. You can then enjoy your conservatory or orangery whatever the weather and reclaim the space as a fully functioning part of your home – both thermally efficient and soundproofed from the rain without the need for planning permission.

With many first class installations, both domestic and commercial, you can be assured that once installed, you can enjoyed all the benefits with peace of mind and guaranteed results for 30 years.

How to know if your Orangery, Outbuilding or Conservatory Roof Needs Replacing?

Solid conservatory roofs have several areas where leaking and other problems can start, including glazed panels, windows and doors. Along with repairing these problems, the best long term fix can be to replace the roof with a new modern roofing system.

To find out whether your conservatory roof needs replacing you may want to take a look at, or ask a specialist to review the following areas:

  • Shingles & Roof Fasteners
  • Roof Flashing
  • Old/Existing Chimneys & Skylights

Improved Light In Your Orangery or Conservatory...

As the materials in your old polycarbonate roofing system begin to fail, this can dramatically decrease the levels of light penetrating your roof – by up to 50%! Over the years bacteria and algae can begin to take hold, making the appearance of your roofing panels look murky and dirty. A GRP flat roof and skylight system are a cost effective longer term solution to this problem!

At Canova, value is more than price, value is also shown in the quality of our roof installations and the expert, highly professional service we continue to offer our customers.


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