Lead Roll Roof Effect & Parisian Style Roofs

Why choose Lead Roll Roof Effect?

The high cost of metals in general has resulted in a marked increase of thefts of lead, copper and zinc. Flashings from old and new buildings are being stolen and the lead roofs of churches, schools and other public and historic buildings are often stripped for their resale value. Canova Roofing systems can provide the solution, efficiently and professionally, with our lead roll roof effect.

Our cold liquid applied system can replicate the look of metal sheeted roofing at a fraction of the weight and cost. There is no scrap value in our lead roll roof effect and so they are not prone to vandalism or theft.

Attractive, tough and maintenance free, our lead roll roof effect can be used on all forms of internal guttering and flat or pitched roofs. The system looks great and is a very attractive addition to the many homes we have installed it on.

A lead roll roof effect is not just an attractive addition to your home, it is also great protection. This system is tough and durable and has no joins or seams which could allow water to penetrate and cause damage. These roofs also need minimal maintenance and are backed by our comprehensive 20 year guarantee.

You can relax and enjoy your home safe in the knowledge that it is protected for many years to come, providing complete peace of mind for every customer.

Our lead roll roof effect is versatile and is:

  • Suitable for new build projects and refurbishments
  • Available in a range of colours
  • Capable of withstanding regular foot traffic
  • Lead and copper replica finishes available
  • Cold applied to a new plywood deck
  • Warm and cold roof specifications
  • Impact and vandal resistant

Parisian style Roofing Installation

We are specialists in providing lead roll roof effect Parisian style roofing – specifically designed to be ultra protective whilst looking amazing on your property. When compared to other materials such as zinc, GRP fibreglass provides a long term cost effective solution which doesn’t compromise when it comes to look and finish too!

Our expert team have completed a wide range of lead roll roof effect projects and through this knowledge and experience we can provide a tailored solutions which looks exactly how you require, without compromising on functionality and durability too. Contact us to talk over your requirements.

At Canova, value is more than price, value is also shown in the quality of our roof installations and the expert, highly professional service we continue to offer our customers.


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