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Are you getting the most out of your conservatory?

For many people a conservatory is a dream addition to their home. It adds space and light and is a great place to relax and enjoy the view of the garden. However, for some people the dream does not match the reality, are you getting the most out of your conservatory?

Extreme Temperatures in your Conservatory

Do you struggle to use your conservatory all year round? While they are a welcome addition and do provide extra living space, conservatories can be neglected spaces for a lot of the year. During the winter months it can be difficult to keep the conservatory a warm and comfortable space to relax in. It can also be a noisy environment to sit in when it rains. The noise can be very off-putting if you want to unwind with a book or watch some TV undisturbed. During these months if you are not able to use your conservatory it becomes wasted space in your home.

While the winter months can prove to be too chilly, the summer months can also bring problems. Conservatories can quickly overheat and become uncomfortable to sit in. The glare of the sun through the glass roof can also make it too hot and not an enjoyable place to read or watch TV. They can become quite stifling hot places to be and not at all the oasis of peace and calm that you wanted to sit in and enjoy your garden from.

How Do I Use My Conservatory More Often?

You may be relived to find out that the solution to these problems is quite straightforward, turning your conservatory into a welcoming and comfortable place that you will be able to use all year round. A replacement conservatory roof from Canova will transform your conservatory into a fantastic and useable space for your whole family. Our roofs are made from fibreglass and are an ideal solution for replacing your existing conservatory roof.

We will remove your old roof and replace it with a new, high quality fibreglass one. Fibreglass roofs are not prone to leaking as there are no joins or seams which will allow water to penetrate. Our roof replacements are designed to look and function like a permanent part of your home. Every new installation is fully insulated with foil backed insulation boards and a plaster skimmed ceiling completes the stunning interior finish. You can then enjoy your conservatory whatever the weather and reclaim the space as a fully functioning part of your home.

Canova have completed many first class installations over the years and you can be confident that our workmanship is of an excellent standard allowing you to relax with the peace of mind that comes with one of our guaranteed roofs. Get in touch today and start to enjoy the benefits of your conservatory without any of the drawbacks and make sure that you are getting the most out of your conservatory.

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