Garden Room & Outbuilding Roof Installation


The popularity of garden offices & outbuildings is on the rise. Work from home is now a daily routine for many people across the UK but for some, the separated premises in the garden is the only opportunity to get away from the daily buzz, enjoy peace, and recharge. A garden room is also used as a studio for creatives to write, paint or produce music when it is soundproofed.

Built separately from your main house, your outbuilding’s roof structure is more vulnerable to the environment. Securing this space to withstand all weather conditions is an important factor to make your garden office serve its purpose for decades ahead. A sturdy roof design is a key element protecting the room from leaks and dampness, shielding your valuable equipment and furniture at all times.

Fibreglass GRP - A Sturdy Garden Room Roof Solution

We believe a fibreglass roof is a modern, cost-effective solution to protect your construction thanks to the practicality and resilience of fibreglass, as well as its long life expectancy of 30+ years. A safe environment will allow you to fully embrace your time in the new garden office/studio and lift the rising concept of ‘work from home’ to a new level of comfort and productivity.

The benefits of a GRP Garden Office Roof

A typical fibreglass roof with insulation keeps your building warm and dry throughout the year, reducing any risk of a dew buildup. Additionally, a flat roof maintains optimal heat levels in the room, keeping your energy-associated bills low.

Due to the incredible strength and ability of fiberglass to withstand large pressure, heavy rain and wind do not pose a threat to your garden office. Although a flat roof functions differently than a pitched roof when it comes to water drainage, there is no need to worry about water retention or roof damage. When installed correctly, the flat roof tilts to just the right angle so the water easily drains into the gutter.

In terms of trends, flat roofs remain fashionable in contemporary architecture. The flat, slightly tilted roof contributes to a minimalistic look of a modern exterior. As fiberglass roof can come in various colours, it is also known to be intended as a highlight in the garden design. Alternatively, it can be transformed into a ‘living roof’ with growing vegetation, becoming a part of the garden itself.

Thanks to its practicality, a flat roof on your garden room allows more view from the house, considering that the house you live in is built higher than the office.

Why choose Canovaroof GRP fibreglass roofs for your garden office?

Outbuilding fibreglass roofs offer a range of benefits and with correct installation, can last for decades. There are a wide range of products on the market so working with a roofing specialist ensures you’re getting the best for your project.

  • A cost-efficient solution
  • 30+ years of durability
  • Ability to withstand all weather conditions
  • Maintaining optimal temperature throughout the year
  • Reduced energy bills
  • A complementing feature of a modern exterior design
  • Qualified and experienced professional service
  • Guaranteed results within a designated time frame

Good news - Canovaroof offers a 20-year warranty!

With many DIY kits widely available to purchase online or in stores, the precision and skills required to build a durable fibreglass roof are often underrated.

The lack of experience and negligence can often result in long-term damage to your building or a very short life span of the flat roof. It is highly recommended to rely the building job on professionals to ensure the quality and safety of your new roof.

Canovaroof is a company of certified and experienced builders, providing top-quality roofing solutions. Our highly skilled team puts your building goals first, ensuring outstanding, long-lasting results every time. We pride ourselves upon years of experience and a record of happy clients.

As a promise of our quality, Canovaroof provides a 30-year warranty – we believe you deserve to enjoy your garden office/room while feeling safe and comfortable for many years ahead. Our team operates within the Liverpool and Wirral areas, offering a free consultation and a quote within 24 hours. Get in touch with a member of our crew to help you complete a durable, contemporary garden room.

At Canova, value is more than price, value is also shown in the quality of our roof installations and the expert, highly professional service we continue to offer our customers.


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