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Flat Roofs


Many of us have flat roofs, whether it is a garage, extension or part of the integral design of our home. For many years flat roofs have been covered using bitumous felt products. A key flaw with this system of roofing is that it relies on joints and welded seams and these are potential failure points where your roof will leak. Where there is a seam there is potential for water to penetrate and by the time you have spotted that your flat roof is leaking, there will almost certainly be more damage than meets the eye. Even modern, high-tech rubber membrane roof coverings are fundamentally flawed as they still rely on glued or welded seams.

One of the biggest strengths of choosing a GRP Fibreglass flat roof from Canova is the fact that these roofs are so durable. When it comes to finding the best value in a roof, durability and long-term costs will always be an important factor. The advantage with Canova flat roofs is that there are no seams, joints or welds to provide opportunities for water to get in and for components to be damaged or weakened. Once the strong fibreglass layer is laid, a durable topcoat is rolled over the top creating a fully sealed surface. Installed correctly, water does not have the opportunity to penetrate as there are no weak points or potential failure points on the roof.

The continuous surface area provides a huge benefit when it comes to finding a roof that can be relied on for many years to come. Thanks to the state of the art materials and technology utilised in these flat roofs, Canova confidently offers a 20 year product and workmanship guarantee, GRP simply does not deteriorate at the rate of felt or rubber. An added benefit to the durability of the system is that these flat roofs require little or no maintenance due to the nature of the structure. These roofs are constructed to the highest standard and quality and offer peace of mind to home owners that cannot be matched by other products.


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