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Why choose GRP Fibreglass Roofing?

GRP Fibreglass roofing is chosen in many industries for its strength, appearance, weather resistance, longevity and cost and these characteristics make it the optimum choice for roofing. When installed by an experienced and trained contractor it brings many advantages.



Due to the nature of its construction, properly installed GRP Fibreglass roofing will not leak. Unlike other systems which rely on joints or welded seams, a GRP roof is a continuous system and has no joints, welds or seams. This means there are no potential failure points for water to find a way in giving you, your home and possessions peace of mind for years to come.



Fibreglass can be used in many areas around your property giving you a robust and secure solutions for many areas. It can be successfully applied to patios, balconies, walkways and roof gardens. It tolerates foot traffic and can be made non-slip to ensure a safe and secure area to walk on. It can also be applied up to decking, pipes, stairs, vents and walls. If you are worried that your roof is too complex to have a GRP Fibreglass roofing solution installed, don’t be! Fibreglass can be moulded around skylights, roof lanterns, light wells and roof lights and preserve its integrity and robust, leak proof nature. No roof is too complex for us to protect.


fibreglass roofing

Cost Effective:

Continuous testing of GRP Fibreglass roofs have shown that we can confidently expect the laminate to last 30 years plus, compared to the 10 years a felt roof will last. Our roofs are maintenance free and can be refurbished if required. It can also be extended should you decide to alter your roof and can be easily repaired should it suffer any unusual physical damage. It also replaces lead and presents no value to thieves. A new roof is an investment and GRP Fibreglass roof represents the best value for money solution. Felt, rubber and other membrane roofs degrade more quickly and due to their design, are prone to leaks. GRP Fibreglass roofing is a peace of mind investment for many years to come.

fibreglass roofing

Trusted System:

GRP Fibreglass has been used in many applications for over 60 years. It is used to hull RNLI Lifeboats and is chosen for its durability and effectiveness. This makes it an ideal choice for roofing. More and more people are turning to GRP Fibreglass roofing because the benefits of the system are proven and trusted. It does not have weak points and danger spots for leaks because it does not rely on any seams, joints or welds. It can be installed and enjoyed without the need for costly ongoing maintenance and the benefits clearly outweigh other roofing methods.



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