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Do You Have A Leaking Roof? Here’s 6 Important Things To Check…

The roofs of our home are something we don’t seem to think about until they stop working or start leaking. A leaking roof is something you cannot put off until a later date as by the time your leak is visible, it may already be a serious issue.

Your leaking roof may cause many problems including damaged ceilings, water stains, rot, mould and structural damage to name a few! A leaking roof can be caused by a number of reasons, ranging from weather damage to old age and everything in between. No matter what the cause, by acting quickly you can save money and a whole lot of misery.


6 Reasons why your conservatory flat roof may be leaking:

Damaged shingles and roof fasteners:

During bad weather, roof fasteners and shingles risk being displaced and damaged pretty easily which leaves a perfect path for water to move through and get into the underside of your roof, therefore causing a whole host of problems.

Roof Flashing:

Any thin metal strip, fitting or sheet that covers a seam on your roof is called flashing.
Flashing is the most common reason for a roof to be leaking because when the flashing is eroded or damaged, the leaks can begin.
Some shoddy contractors can fail to install any flashing at all, which can cause a leak.


Poor Workmanship & Installation:

Continuing from the previous point, shoddy contractors and improper installation is another major reason you may experience a leaking roof. The installers you hire can play a huge part in how well your roof will function.
Please remember to choose highly qualified professionals who are experienced with the type of roof installation you are looking for.



Chimney stacks have a tendency to collect rain water that can then trickle down and go through tiny gaps. If there is any collection of water around the chimney area, then these little pools can lead to your roof leaking.


Roof Skylights:

If incorrectly installed, skylights can cause big problems including your roof leaking. As much as skylights are a beautiful addition to your home and add a dash of style, it is important to hire a highly qualified installer.


Your Roof’s Age:

If your roof is ageing then it is likely to have an issue, particularly if you haven’t kept up with routine roof maintenance. The original materials may need to be replaced if your roof is near its maximum lifespan, which is around 20 years or more if properly maintained.


Flat Roofs:

Many of us have flat roofs, whether it is a garage, extension or part of the integral design of our home. For many years flat roofs have been covered using bitumous felt products. A key flaw with this system of roofing is that it relies on joints and welded seams and these are potential failure points where your roof will leak. Where there is a seam there is potential for water to penetrate and by the time you have spotted that your flat roof is leaking, there will almost certainly be more damage than meets the eye. Even modern, high-tech rubber membrane roof coverings are fundamentally flawed as they still rely on glued or welded seams.



At Canova we use GRP Fibreglass due to its strength, appearance, weather resistance, longevity and cost and these characteristics make it the optimum choice for flat roofing. GRP Fibreglass is even used to hull RNLI Lifeboats and is chosen for its durability and effectiveness. The advantage with Canova flat roofs is that there are no seams, joints or welds to provide opportunities for water to get in and for components to be damaged or weakened. Once the strong fibreglass layer is laid, a durable topcoat is rolled over the top creating a fully sealed surface. Installed correctly, water does not have the opportunity to penetrate as there are no weak points or potential failure points on the roof.

For a system you can trust for 30 years to protect your home, choose a fibreglass roof from Canova Roof!

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